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Soft Fall Rubber

Professionals in playgrounds

After six months, the baby will begin to be curious about everything that surrounds him and to accompany that curiosity with small physical achievements. He will begin to crawl, and then crawl, to sit alone and later he will try to stand up. In this stage of discoveries, the floor is the best playground for the baby. We advise and guide our clients in the construction, design, installation and improvement of their playgrounds, making them really safe.

We have different solutions in games, urban furniture, anti-impact and anti-slip floors, all made of recycled materials, respectful with the environment and certified under the best quality controls.  A child needs a diaphanous space, without limits or obstacles to play in freedom. Ideally, look for a place in the house that we can adapt to a play space for the baby. It must be large, as far as possible, it must be devoid of things, especially objects that may harm the child, be reasonably warm, soft, easy to clean and as close as possible to the place in the house where you spend most time the rest of the family.

Even when the house is not very big you can create a special place for the baby. At home, where precisely space is not what abounds, we have to adapt the room for the baby to play. We move the coffee table and put a play blanket and gym on the carpet protecting cushions with dangerous corners. If the floor is stone or too cold, you can cover it with a soft rubber carpet. This type of rugs is ideal for delimiting the baby’s play area. Generally, they are squares that are embedded as a giant puzzle, so you can use the necessary ones to cover the available floor space and enlarge or shrink it according to the needs.

Many parents opt for the playground, but it is more favourable for their development to play directly on the ground and thus not restrict their exploration possibilities. It can be a short-term and punctual solution for times when no one can control the baby, but of course, you will feel more comfortable and free in a less formally delimited space, provided it is safe. Even if there is furniture nearby like a sofa or a bed, they will be useful to start practising standing up.

We supply all types of rubber floors

A fundamental, but invisible part of every playground is the Elastic Base, it is the surface created with rubber grit that is used as the first layer or base layer for other surfaces, giving it strength and elasticity. Its thickness varies depending on the height of the games to be able to comply with the standard. Unlike sand or gravel, with Playtop you will not find unpleasant objects such as glass, syringes or animal droppings hidden under the surface. It is not affected when it rains and you will not need regular fillings.

Playtop does not create a tripping hazard with raised edges; Do not  create gaps in the joints where the herbs can grow and it is very difficult  to destroy. Playtop has a longer duration than continuous low-quality floors that may need replacement two or three times in a period of 10 years.

We have a system for playgrounds.

This floor for children, very resistant, easy to clean, suitable for leisure areas, rooms, giving a great colour to space, your main advantage is very economical. The rubber floor is a low-priced children’s and baby’s material. a very cheap and high-quality material.

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